What is the new «survey» element in aiaibot?

aiaibot now features the ‘survey’ element, which offers different types of surveys. This element enables you to use your chatbot as an effective, user-friendly and personal survey tool.


So now you can:

- use your chatbot to conduct traditional surveys using new technology,
- determine what visitors think of your website and get feedback 
- find out how visitors like using and communicating with your chatbot.

And these are just some of the possibilities that the survey tool offers you!

To avoid having surveys look the same every time, we have integrated various different survey variants to keep things fresh. So you can vary the surveys and give them different designs. The individual types of surveys and what they are best used for are explained in the following section.

NPS: Net Promoter Score

With the NPS survey type, you can find out how well your products or services are being received by your customers. For example, you can ask customers whether they would recommend your services to a friend and have them give you a rating between 0 and 10. This provides you with valuable information and allows you to compare your results with the results of other providers in your industry. Depending on how your range of products and services performs in this comparison, you can then decide for yourself whether or not you think you need to take steps to optimise it.  About the NPS indicators (between 1 and 10):

Rating from 0-6: Reviewers who give such ratings are definitely among your detractors, as critics are known. You can contact them and ask for detailed feedback to find out the exact reasons for their poor review.

Rating from 7-8: The people in this range are indifferent – they are regarded as neutral participants and take a neutral or indifferent attitude towards your products and services. If you want, you can still try to get more precise feedback from them concerning their review.

Rating from 9-10: Those who give you such good marks are regarded as promoters – these people are your advocates and most satisfied customers. They recommend your product or service to others and are therefore important for you. It might be very interesting to hear from them what they like so much about your products and services.


CSAT: Customer satisfaction score 

The CSAT makes it easy to measure customer satisfaction. Suppose you have launched a new product and want to know how satisfied your customers are with it. To find out, simply conduct a CSAT survey. Participating customers have the following options for evaluating the new product.

About the CSAT indicators: 

1: very dissatisfied / 2: dissatisfied / 3: neutral / 4: satisfied / 5: very satisfied

If you have carried out a survey to measure customer satisfaction and have adhered to a time period defined by you in advance, you can evaluate the survey results and use those results to decide whether you think measures or changes to the new product would be appropriate. If you take action and introduce changes based on less positive feedback, we recommend that you repeat this process at a later date and check whether your optimisations have helped or further adjustments are necessary.



If you would like to conduct a survey with emojis or stars, you should opt for a more modern and humorous type of rating system. You can also use emojis and stars to measure customer satisfaction. But be mindful of your target audience and what exactly you want to know. Not every audience appreciates this modern form of survey.


We wish you a lot of fun and success in creating and conducting your first chatbot survey.

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