Save/discard, draft/publish and active/inactive

Stories can be saved as a draft and published after being saved. They can also be activated or deactivated. Here, we will show you how to do these things.


💾 Save a story

Go to the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen and select the option «Save as draft».


If you haven’t published the story or saved it as a draft, you will see the yellow marked word «Draft» on the bottom left side.


The draft is a good way to preview the story. If everything is to your liking, the story can be published so that users can see it on the website.


📤 Publish a story

Go to the blue arrow and select the option «Publish». Before a story can be published, it has to be saved as a draft.


After the publication, the switch on the bottom left changes from «Draft» to «Live»:


Now, you have to activate the story. You can do this in the Story Builder on the top right, by activating the switch.


Alternatively, the story can also be activated inside the project, in the story overview, by using the switch on the right:



❎ Deactivate a story

For your Story to not be shown on your website anymore, you simply have to deactivate it. You can do this directly in your Story Builder in the upper right corner: 


You can also do this in your project overview by switching the switch on the upper right to inactive: 



⚙️ Edit or change a story

If you want to edit or change a story, you can do that directly in the Story Builder. Everything you saved as a draft is not live, as long as you don’t publish it. Only the last story you published will stay live. You can review that story by simply clicking on «Live».



🗑 Discard a story

If you have made changes that you are not satisfied with, you can use the «Discard» option to reset everything to the last time you saved your story:


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