Unblu Live-Chat

In order to add an Unblu live chat to your chatbot, you must have an account with unblu.com. In just 3 short steps, you can integrate Unblu to be able to use the Unblu option in the Live-Chat widget:


1️⃣ Add new API key

Log in to Unblu, click on your profile picture → "Manage Account" → "API keys". Then select the option Bildschirmfoto_2020-11-26_um_09.05.38.png in the upper right corner, give the API key a name, and optionally, a description.



2️⃣ Copy-paste the JavaScript snippet

With a click on the -button of the just created API key, the JavaScript snippet can be opened and copied. This snippet must be integrated in the <head> section of your website.


3️⃣ JavaScript API einfügen

Now, the following JavaScript API can be copied under the JavaScript snippet just inserted:

<script src="https://unblu.cloud/unblu/js-api/v2/visitor/visitor-api.min.js">

Important: If a live-chat handover from aiaibot to Unblu takes place, the chatbot session for the user is finished after the end of the live-chat conversation.

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