What is a variable in aiaibot?

What is a variable in aiaibot? 

When your story has reached the point where you want to request data from users, you simply drag and drop a user input field into your chatbot story in the Story Builder. A detailed display for the field that you have dragged in opens. In this view you see three options (text, phone and email) for the data you can collect from the user. In addition to this selection, you must always enter an individual «variable name» for each input field for later identification. An empty field is provided for this purpose for each input field.


If you now select the option «telephone», for example, it is still necessary to enter a variable name so that you can recognise and remember which user input field was filled in with which data.


You can think of this variable as a kind of orientation guide for the requested data from which a specific user input field and the corresponding inputs can be identified. At the same time, if you add a dialogue handover at the end of your chatbot story and receive the corresponding data by email as a summary, you can assign it to the appropriate path of the respective story using the variables. This is very useful for analysing the data later.

Variables in aiaibot are therefore used for bookmarking, orientation and analysis purposes.

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