What do the individual training steps imply?

After starting the training, you can see which step your classifier is at:


Here you can find the description of each training step:

  1. In Queue: The training hasn't started yet and is still queued until the aiaibot infrastructure is ready to start the training.
  2. Data Processing: The training examples are being converted and prepared for the training process.
  3. Model Optimization: The model of the classifier is being optimized and the algorithm is adapted to your data.
  4. Model Validation: The training data is being validated. This is the basis of the training report. More information can be found in the section Report.
  5. Model Finalization: After the model has been optimized and validated, the final step of the model will be trained to be used by the classifier. 
  6. Report Generation: With the results of the model validation, the training report is being created.
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