What is aiaibot?

aiaibot is a cloud-based software for chatbots that enables you to control and optimise your communications through a conversation-like interface. Our Software-as-a-Service functionality is designed to provide a natural interaction with visitors to your website and to categorise and answer enquiries in the best possible way.


Workspace & projects

An aiaibot account consists of a workspace and the projects assigned to it. You can create several projects within a workspace and invite other colleagues to work with you. 

The chatbot and other modules are managed within a project. The project settings allow you to configure the domains and module-specific adjustments, such as the appearance of your chatbot. 


The heart of aiaibot is the chatbot module. A chatbot is a technical communication channel similar to a chat. Multiple stories depicting different conversations can be written for a chatbot. Depending on where you want to use the chatbot, you can create a differentiated story that specifically supports the information and content of the respective areas.

🏗Story Builder

The Story Builder is the desktop where your chatbot story is written. Using the Builder, you can view, edit and move the different texts, media and other content (widgets).


Widgets are different content elements for your story.

aiaibot currently offers the following widgets:

  1. Text
  2. Decisions
  3. User input
  4. Dialogue handover
  5. Media

Other widgets are already in development and looking forward to being used by you in the near future.


The trigger is what initiates the chatbot. Without a trigger, a chatbot cannot be loaded on to a website and cannot be assigned to a story. Trigger management occurs within the Story Builder and is always specific to each story. 

Read here about how to create a trigger and how triggers influence each other. 


Coming Soon 🤘
Soon to be activated and additionally licensable

The robot is the interface for the automation of different data and can reinterpret information and handle processes from A-Z. The robot makes it possible to link pieces of information that were generated completely independently of each other and thereby reveals new potential dependencies or correlations. 

The aforementioned processes are mapped in workflows. The results of workflows can be transferred either to the chatbot module or other applications for further use.


Coming Soon 🤘
Soon to be activated and additionally licensable

With the aid of natural language processing, AI enables us to recognise human input linguistically and break it down into its various components. What information is concealed behind a person’s message, what mood were they in at the time of writing, and how their enquiry can be categorised?

On the basis of these classifications, certain rules can be activated automatically, allowing a targeted response to the enquiry. And responses improve with each additional enquiry, because the AI module uses machine learning to learn as it processes. 





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