What is a workspace?

A workspace enables different users to work collaboratively on multiple projects. The workspace functions as an organisation’s project-management tool.

Clicking the Workspace.png icon opens the workspace overview where projects are stored.


Why do I need projects in aiaibot?

In a project you have different modules at your disposal. This is where you can create your chatbots. 


AI (coming soon🤘)
Robot (coming soon🤘 

How can I collaborate with other people on aiaibot and how can I add more people to the workspace?

  1. To add another person to a workspace, hover the cursor/mouse over the email address in the top right corner of the navigation bar. This opens a menu from which you can select the Workspace settings option.


  1. You can add more people simply by clicking the plus button. 


Remove people

As a workspace owner, you can remove work colleagues from a workspace. Clicking the pen-edit.png icon opens the user profile of the respective user. In the lower right pane, you will see the option Remove user from workspace. Clicking it will remove the user.


Edit rights

To prevent people seeing projects not assigned to them, a project must first be enabled for the respective user. As the workspace owner, you can edit the user and ( bin-1.png ) specify which project(s) they are allowed to view. It is also possible to choose ALL PROJECTS.


Why is my chatbot not displayed on my site?

There are several different possibilities. Please check the following:

Is your domain entered in the settings? If not, please enter the domain on which you want to place your chatbot here.

Settings cog-wheel.png   ->  Chatbot  -> Domains


Did you activate your story?

In order for your story to be displayed, you must activate it in the story overview or directly in the Story Builder. The controller toggle-on.png must be activated. 


Is your story published?

It could be that you have saved your story in edit mode, but forgot to publish it. You can do this in the Story Builder: 


Did you place your code snippet correctly?

To display the chatbot correctly, you must place your code snippet before the closing </body> HTML tag.

    <title>Your Website</title>
    <!-- ... -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://chat.aiaibot.com/bootstrap.js" data-aiaibot-key="63a6140b-92ad-4118-a7ab-07006bcdaaa0" defer></script>  

None of these tips help? Then please contact support@aiaibot.com 


How do I publish a story in aiaibot? 

To publish a story on your live site, the following criteria must be met:

  • The story was first saved as a draft  and then published
  • The story is activated

Draft vs live

In the aiaibot Story Builder, a story must always be saved as a draft first. In draft status, you can continue working on the story as long as you want, and your colleagues can also work on the story. As long as the story is in draft status, no changes will be made to published content in the chatbot on your website.

You can always tell whether you are currently editing your story in draft mode or viewing the live version by the status display in the lower pane:


Saving and publishing

In draft mode, you can save a story as often as you like. You do this by selecting the icon in the lower pane and clicking the Save as draft option. Only after a draft has been saved can you publish your story and make it available to users in the chatbot on your website.


When you have finished editing your story and want to publish it, select the icon again in the lower pane and click the Publish option.


After the story is published, the status display changes to live:


Activate and deactivate stories

Irrespective of the other statuses of your story, such as whether it is in draft mode or you have configured different triggers, you can activate or deactivate the story at any time. Only when a story is activated will it actually appear in the chatbot on your website. If you want to take a story offline, you can also do this at any time by deactivating the story. No further action is required.

You can activate the story by setting the slider in the upper pane of the Story Builder to blue:



Where can I edit the appearance of my chatbot?

Open the settings - If you click the cog-wheel.png icon in the lower left corner of your project, this will open the settings. Here you select the chatbot module.


Edit the appearance

To give your chatbot the desired appearance, you can select and apply your company colours and logo. You can also define the appearance of your chatbot avatar.

Important: Use one of the following formats: png, jpg, gif or svg. For the colour value, you can use the HEX format (#444444).


What is a trigger in aiaibot?

Triggers control the behaviour of the chatbot on your website. Triggers give you the ability to control exactly when and on which page the chatbot appears.

You can create one or more triggers per story. You can do this in the Story Builder by clicking the add_trigger.png button at the top. Two conditions have to be fulfilled to create a trigger:

  • The story must first have been saved as a draft and then published
  • The story must be activated

Trigger type

The trigger type determines when and in what form the chatbot appears on your website. The available trigger types and their behaviour are listed in the following:

  • Page access: The chatbot chat-trigger.png icon appears in the browser when the website is opened by a user. The user of your website only sees the content of the chatbot after clicking on the icon. The chatbot does not open automatically.
  • Delayed opening: The chatbot opens automatically after the time defined in the Time delay field has elapsed. For example, you can set the chatbot to appear and start the story ten seconds after the visitor opens the website.


This is where you define the path at which you want the story to appear on your website. You can set as many triggers as you like for each story, to display the same content on different pages. You can also use the display_on_all_pages.png  option, in which case the chatbot will be displayed on all subpages.

Other properties

Title: For easier recognition, you can give each of your triggers a title.

Is activated on mobile devices: This allows you to control whether the trigger is applied for mobile devices as well. This allows you to set triggers that only affect desktop devices.



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