How does dialogue handover work in aiaibot?

aiaibot features a dialogue handover function that you can build into your story. But how does it work exactly?

Let's say you have created a chatbot story with a storyline that allows users to leave certain information in your chatbot.


This might mean, for example, that users enter their information in their conversation with the chatbot, and this data is then passed on to you via the dialogue handover. If you have set up the story properly and assigned a variable to each user input field, you will receive the corresponding dialogue handover directly via email after each customer conversation with your chatbot and can see from this what data the users have entered.



In order to ensure that this dialogue handover is sent to the correct email address, you must first enter the appropriate information in the start help. And speaking of the start help: also make sure that you have added a short content description or orientation guide for each storyline with dialogue input, so that you know later to which story and storyline an incoming email refers. For example, you could enter the following in the start help for identification purposes: «telephone consultation for private customers» or «contact private customers by email».


However, if you have a story with two storylines, e.g. one for private and one for business, it is important to fill all user input fields with the correct variables. It might look something like this:

storyline private – variable: private_telephone_consultation_name/ private_telephone_consultation_telephone_number

storyline company – variable: company_telephone_consultation_name/ company_telephone_consultation_telephone_number

These variables enable you to designate the user input fields while simultaneously keeping track of the conversations that are passed on to you via dialogue handover, or immediately recognise to which story and storyline a dialogue handover email belongs.

The start help for each story must also be adapted for the dialogue handover and provided with the correct content. In the above example, the start help would be filled with «telephone consultation for private customers» and «telephone consultation for company customers».

Important: For the dialogue to be transferred, the user must have filled out the entire chat or all user input fields. 

Here’s how a story with dialogue handover could be built in the aiaibot Story Builder: text field 1 – input 1 (+ variable) – text field 2 – input 2 (+ variable) – text field 3 (conclusion) – dialogue handover with completed start help and email

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