The KPI dashboard

The KPI dashboard gives you a direct overview of the performance of your chatbot. For example, the figures shown here make it easy for you to see how successful your chatbot’s opener is.

Currently, the KPI dashboard displays the following figures:



You have the option of setting a trigger in your story. If the trigger is activated and plays the chatbot, this counts as an impression.


The first contact with the chatbot is defined as an interaction. It doesn’t matter whether a decision is actively provoked or whether the visitor simply enters some input. 

Conversion rate: 

The conversion rate is the ratio of interactions to impressions. If your chatbot gets 1,000 impressions and 100 of these effectively lead to interactions, your chatbot will have a conversion rate of 10%. The number of visitors/users is not taken into account in this calculation. This number is irrelevant here, since a single user can create several impressions each time.

The conversion rate also helps you improve your chatbot story by showing you how appealing the start of your story is to users. You can set your own targets for your conversion rate and then check if you are meeting them with your current story. If the result fails to meet your expectations, you can check the story again and adjust it accordingly. Based on the further progression of the conversion rate, you can then assess whether the modified story works better and brings you closer to your target, or whether further adjustments are necessary to optimise the conversion rate.

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