How do I add my payment information?

In aiaibot's paid packages, payment information must be entered in your project after the trial period ends in order for services such as the chatbot to remain available.

These instructions tell you how to save a credit card and add your billing address.


To enable billing for your project, two pieces of information must be saved: 
The method of payment (currently only credit cards are accepted) and the billing address. 

This information is added via  Settings settings.png  Costs & Invoices 

Method of payment

💳Limited payment-method options
Currently, it is only possible to enter a credit card as the payment method.
Possible credit card types: MasterCard & Visa.

  1. Click Add new payment method
  2. Enter the required credit card details

Billing address

To enable us to bill you, the recipient of the invoice must be a natural person or a company. This information can be entered in the following block.

You also have the option of adding a VAT number so that it appears on the invoice.



You can cancel your paid package at any time effective from the end of the billing period (month). In the Costs & Invoices area there is a button in the cost information section with the option to cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you can send us an email to at any time. 

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