Integration via Slack

In this article, we show you how you can connect aiaibot with Slack. In order to follow these instructions, you need an account at Also ensure that the following settings are correct for your channels:

  • These people can create open channels: Everyone, except guests (default)
  • These people can archive channels: Everyone, except guests (default)

These instructions provide a step-by-step guide to checking settings. 

If you do not yet have a workspace at Slack, you can create an account here .

Please note that data entered via Slack may leave Switzerland and the Europe zone. Higher-level plans allow you to select a defined data residency. You can find further information here.

Connection to Slack

To enable your website visitors to chat with you via Slack in real time, we first need to connect your aiaibot project to your Slack workspace. It’s quite a simple procedure:

  1. Log in to Slack
    Ensure that you can log into your Slack workspace and have sufficient rights to manage channels on your workspace.
  2. Go to your project settings in aiaibot
    You can find the settings in your project under the settings.png  Settings item. chatbot_projects_overview.png
    You can then find all settings for your chatbot under the Chatbot tab. settings_overview_.png
  3. Connect your project to your Slack workspace
    You can connect aiaibot to your Slack workspace under Integrations Slack.settings_connect_slack.png
  4. Select channel for messages
    If you have not yet logged in to your Slack workspace at this point, you can do so on the open page. If you are already logged in, you can select the channel on which messages from your users should be sent to you.
    Note: Please select a public channel from the list. Private channels and direct messages do not work aiaibot-in-review.png
  5.  Confirm and complete
    Congratulations! Once you’ve confirmed the configuration with Done and Slack has confirmed the connection, the selected Slack channel will be displayed in our settings as follows:settings_connect_slack.png
    In the channel you selected you will see that aiaibot has been added as an app.aiaibot-livechat-.png
    You can now start a conversation with the visitors to your website at a particular point in a story. We show exactly how this works in the next section.


Equipping a story with live chat

This section assumes that you have successfully completed all steps under Connection to Slack.

  1. Select a story
    Select a story in which you want to start a conversation via Slack.
  2. Add a live chat widget to the story
    Simply drag the widget to the desired position in your conversation.aiaibot-slack-livechat.png
    The live chat widget cannot be at the top of the conversation.
  3. Available paths for a live chat via Slack
    Three possible paths can be configured for the live chat widget.live_chat_widget_english.png
    Live chat was processed by an agent
    Elements in this path will be loaded after the conversation is finished. This allows the story to be continued after a conversation via Slack. This path is especially suitable for starting a survey after the live chat. 
    User did not want a live chat
    If the user rejects a live chat conversation, elements are loaded from this path.
    No agent was available
    If no one responds within 60 seconds or someone rejects the request via Slack, elements are loaded from this path. This path is good for requesting the data from our user and then sending it via email. This allows the enquiry to be processed at a later date.
    Tip: User input submitted before the live chat widget will be displayed in Slack and can help Slack staff better understand your user’s concerns. Attributes such as the name, email address and customer number or order number can help process the enquiry faster. If no employee was available for a live chat and a dialogue transfer was configured in the path, the collected data will be sent to the desired email address. This allows enquiries to be processed asynchronously at a later time.
  4. Edit enquiries in Slack
    As soon as a user wants to start a conversation, the aiaibot Slack app writes to the channel you configured.
    You can now start the conversation by going to the automatically created channel. Messages that you write on this channel will be forwarded directly to the user on your website. The answers are also visible on the channel. 
    If it is not possible for you to write with a user, you can decline the call and the user will be redirected to the path you configured.
    Your channels are automatically archived after the conversation is finished.
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