A project is a self-contained unit that allows you to design your chatbot through different modules and play it out on your website. The projects you have access to can be found in your workspace.

To create a new project, you can click on the plus icon in your workspace. After that you can enter title, customer, project management and project goal and you are ready to go. For the project management you will see all persons that are stored in the user administration.


You can edit this information at any time in the project settings.

Project limits: We can limit the number of users per project and the number of users per session for you (this feature used to be called frequency capping).

Note: The data of each of your projects is completely separated from the others. If you own several projects, they will each be managed individually. 

On demand projects can be duplicated with stories and settings (workflows are duplicated but remain empty and classifiers and entities are not duplicated).

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