Preview and testing of your chatbot

You can view and play the story you have built by either using the preview function in your story builder or directly on the web on a test website set up by us. 


Preview in the story builder

You can find the preview on the bottom right of your story builder: Just click on your chatbot avatar and the chatbot will open. Depending on whether you're viewing the draft or live version, a different story will be displayed. 


Preview on the web

You also have the option to view your chatbot directly on the web at the test website.



To display your chatbot there, do the following:

1️⃣ Add the domain under Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-20_um_14.14.11.pngBildschirmfoto_2021-01-20_um_14.14.37.png. If you need help with this, check this Help Center article for more information.



2️⃣ Set a trigger in the corresponding story that should be published. You can simply add a slash / in the path as shown in the image below. You can decide how you want to name the trigger and whether you want to display it on mobile devices or not. Then publish your story.



3️⃣ Now go back to Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-20_um_14.14.11.png→ Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-20_um_14.14.37.pngand click on the button "Live Preview" in the "Website" section. 


In the story or outside in the story list of the project, you can click on the Live Preview button Live_Preview_Button.png to view your story directly as it would appear on the website.story_bersicht.png

If you want to preview a story without it being directly visible to customers, we recommend that you remove the trigger for the corresponding story and set it to active for a short time.




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