Triggers are there so that your story can start. They trigger your story on your website according to your preconfigured specifications. There are three types of triggers:

  1. Page Load Trigger
  2. Delayed Opening Trigger
  3. Custom Event Trigger

Below, you can find instructions on how to set up the different triggers.



1️⃣ Page Load Trigger

If you decide to use the page load trigger, the chatbot avatar will appear unopened on the bottom right of the website you configured for that story. If you want to display the story on all sites, you can also choose this option.

Name the trigger so you can later analyze it on the KPI Dashboard. Additionally, you have the option to activate or deactivate the chatbot on mobile devices.



2️⃣ Delayed Opening Trigger

The difference between the delayed opening and page load trigger is that you can indicate a time delay after which the chatbot will open automatically, specified in seconds. Additionally, you have to add the names of the triggers as well as the path and the preference for activation on mobile devices.



3️⃣ Custom Event Trigger

To use this trigger, a proficiency in JavaScript and access to the «source code» of your website are required. The event name, which is defined in the trigger, must be sent via JavaScript.

Here is an example of the JavaScript code for triggering a custom event with the name custom-event:
const event = new Event('custom-event');

As with the other triggers, the name, path, and preference on mobile devices must be specified here. A time-delayed opening of the chatbot can also be set.


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