Create a Facebook Messenger-Chatbot

To integrate a chatbot into your Facebook page via Facebook Messenger, you need to create a Facebook account and to connect your profile to a Facebook page

Note: All data collected via Facebook Messenger can be sent out of Switzerland and the European zone.


💥 Connect your aiaibot chatbot with Facebook Messenger in 5 simple steps:


1️⃣ Sign up for Facebook

To enable Facebook Messenger to send and receive messages, we first have to connect your project with your Facebook page. To do that, go to Bildschirmfoto_2020-08-26_um_17.44.15.png → Bildschirmfoto_2020-08-20_um_11.15.08.png. Under «Integrations», you will find the option to connect your Facebook page:



2️⃣ Connect to a Facebook Page

If you are not yet logged into your Facebook account, you can do so now in the open window. If you are logged in, you can continue with your user. In the dialogue box, you can choose which page you want to connect with your project

Important: Please only choose one Facebook Page.


Please note: If you manage several pages with your account, several Facebook pages may be listed. However, each project can only connect to one Facebook page. If you would like to run a chatbot on another site as well, please create a new project in aiaibot.


3️⃣ Give aiaibot access to your Facebook page

You need to allow aiaibot to do the following: 


For the integration to work, both authorization switches must be switched onBildschirmfoto_2020-08-28_um_15.18.43.png.


4️⃣ Confirm and complete

Excellent! After you have confirmed the configuration with Bildschirmfoto_2020-08-28_um_15.21.09.png and therefore certified the connection, your Facebook page will be displayed in our settings as follows: 


Now you can play stories in your project via your Facebook page’s Messenger feature.


5️⃣ Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

To run your chatbot on your Facebook page, create a new story in your project, and choose «Facebook» as the channel:


Now, you can work on your story as usual. We also put together some tips and tricks that will help you with the story and the story builder. 

After you save, publish, and make your story active, you can test the integration on your Facebook page. 

Important: Because your story has only one chat window, only one story can be active on your Facebook Page. If you want to switch stories, you can simply deactivate the active story and activate another one. 

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