KPI Dashboard

Every story has its own KPI Dashboard on which key data of the story are displayed. 

It can be selected via the Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-15_um_13.14.06.png KPI icon on the right of the story overview:


This is what the overview of the KPIs looks like: 


The KPI dashboard does not show any real-time evaluations, but reloads in short intervals.

Depending on which widgets are being used in the story, the KPI dashboard will look slightly different, to fit to the story. On this dashboard you can see the performance of your checkpoints, triggers, or surveys.

The following elements are always included:

  • Impressions: How many times was the trigger played? 
  • Interactions: How many times did someone actively interact with the chatbot?
  • Conversions: How many of the impressions turned into interactions?

On the top right, the data can also be filtered or limited to a specific time period.

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