KPI Dashboard

Every story has its own KPI Dashboard on which key data of the story is displayed. It can be selected via the Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-15_um_13.14.06.png KPI icon on the right of the story overview:


This is how the overview of the KPIs looks like:


The KPI Dashboard does not display real-time evaluations. It is reloaded again and again in short intervals. On the top right, the data can be filtered or limited to a specific time period. Depending on which widgets are used in the story, the KPI Dashboard looks slightly different, as it is tailored to the story. For example, you can also view the evaluations for your checkpoints, triggers or surveys here.

However, the following three elements are always included:


1️⃣ Active Sessions

An active session is counted when the user has seen the first element of a story. This can happen, for example, by opening the chatbot window or reaching a story via a story link.


2️⃣ Engaged Sessions

A user session is counted as engaged when the user interacts with the chatbot. For example, this can be through a user input, clicking on a link in a text widget, selecting a decision widget option, or a survey rating. Actions that are not counted as interactions are closing or opening the chatbot.


3️⃣ Story completed

A story is considered complete when the user reaches the last element of a story. This can be either the last widget in the story or a story link.

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