Story Links

Story links are being used to redirect the user to another story at a certain point of a dialogue. This requires that the linked stories be in the same language, and both need to be active and published. Additionally, no further widgets can be inserted behind a story link. 


The story link is a configuration element. It won’t be displayed in the chatbot for the user, because it ensures that a certain configuration is carried out. The story link can’t be placed at the beginning of a story or added to a path that already contains a story link. It is always the last element of a path.


The advantages of story links are that they reduce redundant work and thereby prevent a certain dialogue from having to be built more than once within a single story. They also enable the content to be managed centrally and, by that, support scaling.


💥 Here we will explain the integration of story links in 4 simple steps:

Example use case: The same survey at the end of every story path

In a story, the user is given three options of choice. Regardless of which one he/she chooses, you want to conduct a survey at the end of each path to learn if the user’s interaction with the chatbot was helpful.


1️⃣ Create the stories which you want to link to each other

First, create a story with the starting dialogue and a story with the survey. Let’s assume your starting dialogue looks as follows:



2️⃣ Insert a story link

To create a link to your survey story, the Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-15_um_14.14.55.png widget has to be inserted under the last text section via drag & drop. On the right, a sidebar will appear in which you can select the story you want to link. 


Note: For a story to be selected, it must be active and published. Confirm the entry with «Save».


3️⃣ View in the Story Builder

Now, a confirmation appears in the Story Builder that the story has been linked to another one. A note will also be displayed that no further widgets can be placed after the story link:



4️⃣ Checking a Story Link

The linked story can be directly clicked on. It will then be opened in a new window where it can be edited. In the upper area of the window, the icon will be displayed. It indicates that a story is linked to the story you’re viewing.

If you select this icon, all of the stories that are being linked to this story will appear:


In case of a problem with your linking, the icon will be red instead of green. If you click on it, you can see which story has a problem.


How to solve an issue with the story link: If you’re facing an issue, please check whether the relevant story is set to active in the overview and if it is published. In the example above, the Story «Live Chat» is not set to active, which is why the story link isn't working.

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