User Input


The Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-20_um_16.00.15.png-widget enables a free text input for chatbot users. A variable has to be created, so that this input can be used and assigned in the following conversation through {swinging_clamps} in the Robot module. The variables must be in curly brackets and be written in lowercase. Multiple words must be separated with _ instead of spaces (snake_case).

There are three types of user input: Text, email, and phone. The input characters can be limited if needed. Supported characters are letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis.

Important: A variable can be overwritten and always has the last value that was assigned to it.


Here's an example:

In this case, we want to address the user directly by their name. That's why we ask the user for it and create the text variable «name»:


After it’s saved, it looks like this inside the Story Builder:


With the use of the variable name in {curled_brackets}, the user input can be used later. That kind of conversation could look as follows:

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