User Input

The Bildschirmfoto_2021-02-12_um_12.39.58.png widget allows chatbot users to enter free text. To be able to save this input, a variable needs to be created. If you are unsure how to name the user input, you can also have a variable name generated.

There are four types of user input: Text, Email, Phone, Date & Time and Location. The input characters can be limited if needed. Supported characters are letters, numbers, special characters and emojis.


If a dialog handover to email is inserted in the story, the inputs stored in the variable are shown in it.

To use the user input in the conversation or in the Robot module, variables must be linked or created using the variables-widget. See this article for more information on using variables, including usage examples.

Important: A variable can be overwritten and will be adjusted across all stories.

Skip Input

You can specify whether the customer can skip an input or not. If skipped, the dialog continues normally without saving values. 


In the dialog this looks as follows:


Variable type date & time

With the variable type you can request date and time of the user for e.g. an appointment in different ways:


For the user, this looks as follows in the webchat:

The user can then pull up the date and time window and directly mark the period in the calendar.


Variable type Location

With the variable type Location you have the choice between a specific address or a general location (canton or a city). You have to define the locations that are the user can give you. At the moment you can choose between locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

For the user the specific address input appears as follows:


The addresses are automatically added and the user has the possibility to select them. The chatbot asks for the house number separately at the end.

Note: The sample address in the instructions can be changed in the modifier.

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