The Bildschirmfoto_2020-11-02_um_09.31.48.png-widget is the interface between Chatbot and Robot. Through these two functions, user input in the chatbot can trigger a workflow in Robot. The output (e.g. the delivery status) can be played to the user directly.

With Robot-widget you can easily connect the chatbot module with the robot module that starts a workflow. 


There are two paths set by default <Success> and <Error>. Success indicates if the workflow started successfully and Error if it did not.

You can rename these paths and add new paths if needed.


All these connectors can only be configurated in the Robot-widget.

Once the Robot-widget is added to the dialog and the paths are created. You can see the connectors in the connector overview in the Robot Module. 


Once set you can continue the dialog in the Chatbot module for each path. Success and Error if other paths are not added.

If you want to change way the paths operate you can add the plugin <Set Convervation Path> in the Robot Module

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