Create a workflow

In the Robot module, you can add a new workflow by clicking on the Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-15_um_11.55.03.png- symbol. The workflow has to be connected with an earlier created connector.


After clicking «create» you will get to the workflow builder:


Now you've created a workflow, but it doesn’t work yet. To activate it, you first have to define and set the workflow inside the workflow builder. You can do this by adding plugins, variables, and links and conditions.

Note: When a workflow is activated, the associated connector is also automatically activated and vice versa. The same happens in case of deactivation.


To create a sub-workflow, click on the 3-dot menu of a workflow.
Linked sub-workflows can only be triggered by your "parent workflow", i.e. the workflow from which they were created.

To trigger a linked sub-workflow, add the "Link Sub-Workflow" plugin.
The linked sub-workflows automatically have all variables of the parent workflow available as event variables and can read and change their values.

When a linked sub-workflow ends, execution continues to the next step in the parent workflow. With linked sub-workflows, it is not necessary to handle a connector manually.

To duplicate a sub-workflow, you can select <duplicate> in the 3-dot menu.


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