Plugins Overview

This function is only available in the Enterprise Solution.

To configure a plugin and make a workstep out of it, you have to click on the icon. After that, you get an overview of the available plugins:


Depending on which one you need, additional information will be requested and you will have to provide it. Here you can find an overview of all our plugins:

  1. Create Lead In Salesforce
  2. Extract Text
  3. Match Regular Expression (Regex)
  4. Query Database (SQL)
  5. Update Database
  6. Create Text String
  7. Create Case In Salesforce
  8. Create HubSpot contact
  9. Set Output Variable Value
  10. Get Collection Element
  11. Set Variable Value
  12. Check Collection Element
  13. Count Collection Elements
  14. Remove Element
  15. Query JSON
  16. Clear Collection
  17. Classify Text
  18. Call REST Web Service
  19. Connect Sub-Workflow
  20. Cancel Workflow
  21. Send Email
  22. Send Text Message
  23. Send Token
  24. Verify Token
  25. Check Authentification
  26. Opening Hours
  27. Log Message
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