With Robot, the variables come from outside and are not entered by the user as is the case with chatbots. Some of the variables are read-only and cannot be overwritten. The user-defined variables can be changed and overwritten as desired.

By clicking on the Variablen.pngsymbol they can be viewed and in some cases created or edited. There are three subtypes of variables: 

  1. Workflow: These variables contain general information about workflows (e.g. name, ID, execution ID, when workflow was designed).
  2. Event: Depending on the trigger of the workflow, you will find different event variables that can be used in the workflow. Event variables also have a direction (incoming or outgoing).
  3. User defined: Here you can define and view your own variables. For user-defined variables, we offer the following data types:


Customized variables can be specifically configured. For example, when asking for the address, the variable "Location" can be selected and the sub-variables "Street", "HouseNumber", "Postcode", "City" and "Country" can be added:



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