Links and conditions

Individuelle Verlinkungen

You have the possibility to set individual links. Through this function you can link directly from one workstep to another that already exists. To do this, you need to click on the round blue button Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-27_um_15.45.35.pngthat appears in the top left corner of plugins that have this feature.
After that, the plugins that are available for such linking will show the icon Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-27_um_15.46.46.png . Clicking on it will create a link. If you want to delete a link, click the icon Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-27_um_15.49.54.pngon the left side of the window. All links that can be deleted are then displayed with the icon Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-27_um_15.51.41.png. By clicking on it, the link will be removed. 




Conditions can be inserted between two worksteps. They are used to tell Robot which branch of the workflow it should follow in which case. If you want to set a condition between two worksteps, click on the blue plus symbol in between:


A selection of various logic and plug-in elements then appears in the sidebar. By default, the sidebar appears at the right edge of the screen. However, it can be freely moved in the Workflow Builder to better view the workflow. Select the «Create condition» option.


You can define the conditions in the sidebar by specifying a relevant variable and a corresponding operator for it. Confirm the whole thing with «Create»:


You can also specify whether all conditions must be true or only one (AND / OR):


Now the condition in the workflow looks like this:



Now you have the possibility to define other paths, for which you can define other conditions. To create a branch, click on the round element with the two arrows Bildschirmfoto_2021-03-23_um_16.38.17.pngthat has now appeared: 


Now configure the plugin that should follow after the branch. Here you can, but don't have to, set a condition like before.

If no condition is specified, Robot will automatically follow the path without a condition. However, there can only be one branch that is without a condition.


Operatorlist for Conditions


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