Links and conditions

This function is only available in the Enterprise Solution.

Conditions can be inserted between two worksteps. They are used to tell Robot which branch of the workflow it should follow in which case. If you want to set a condition between two worksteps, click on the blue plus symbol in between:


Afterwards, a selection of different logic and plugin elements appears. Select the option "Create Condition".


Next, you can define the condition by specifying a corresponding variable and operator and confirm it by clicking on "Create":


The condition looks like this in the workflow:


This gives you the possibility to define additional paths for which you can define other conditions. To create a branch, move the mouse over the plugin that represents the last element before the branch. To the left of it, a round element with two arrows is displayed, which can be selected.


Now configure the plugin which should follow after the junction. Here you can, but do not need to, specify a condition as before.

If no specified condition applies, Robot will automatically follow the path without a condition. There can only be one branch with no condition.

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