How can I report a bug or request a new feature?

1. Report a bug

If you notice a program bug while using our aiaibot software, you have the possibility to report it to us and we will immediately take care of fixing the bug. How does it work? -> If you are on the project overview, click on the question mark in the upper right corner. There you have the choice between 3 actions. To report a bug, click on the corresponding option «Bug Report». The aiaibot website will then redirect you to another subpage where you can tell us about your concern. Please fill out all fields accurately so that we can process your request properly. You will receive a reply from our customer service within 48 hours.



2. Request a feature?

We are always open for new ideas. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, you can send us a message via the project overview page. Follow the same instructions as described above and then click on «Feature Request».  

Then a new subpage will open, where you will be asked to tell us about your idea. A customer consultant will then contact you within 48 hours.

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