Integrate Unblu Live-Chat


In order to add an Unblu live chat to your chatbot, you must have an account with


Integrate Unblu Live-Chat

1. Add API Key in Unblu

In Unblu, click on your profile picture → Manage Account → API Keys. 

After that, select the New API key option on the top right, give the API Key a name and optionally a description as well.


2. Integrate Unblu JavaScript Snippet

Copy the JavaScript snippet with the API Key you just created and add it to your website as per Unblu's instructions.


3. Insert JavaScript API

Now you can copy the following JavaScript API under the JavaScript Snippet you just pasted:

<script src="">



Important: If a live chat handover from aiaibot to Unblu takes place, the chatbot session will be over for the user after the live chat conversation is completed.

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