Story overview

In the left sidebar of your project you will find an overview of the Chatbot, AI and Robot modules. Click the Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-27_um_15.41.25.png chatbot icon to go to your stories:


Now, you see an overview of your stories. At the top, all stories that have been published online are displayed in alphabetical order from A-Z. Directly below, the stories that are not yet published are also listed in alphabetical order:


If you prefer to see the inactive stories at the top, you can customize the view by clicking on Bildschirmfoto_2021-01-27_um_16.22.46.png in the bar. Now, you will see the stories that have not yet been published above the active ones.


If you have many stories you have the option to group them.


You can drag the stories to the "Drag and drop a story inside this boy to create a new group"-folder for this purpose. To ungroup them, you can click the Ungroup button.


The order within the group can be changed via drag&drop.


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