User Sessions

The User Sessions page gives you an overview of all your users' contacts with your stories. If a person visits a website where an aiaibot chatbot is integrated for the first time, a random user ID is generated for them and stored in the cookies. From that moment on, all chatbot sessions of this person in the same browser will be assigned to this user ID.

To get to the User Sessions page, select Bildschirmfoto_2021-02-03_um_12.48.38.png in the story overview at the top. This will take you to the overview of all user IDs:


There are several aspects that are displayed here:

  • Filter options: You can filter the User IDs displayed over any period of time. Additionally, you can choose to display only users with engagements, with files, or with user inputs, or a combination of these. Engagements refer to decisions made, and user inputs refer to text, email, or phone input from users. If you do not select any of the filter options, you will also see started sessions where users have not interacted.
  • User ID: Here, you can see the randomly generated user IDs. If this user has ever made a user input that is of the type «email» or «phone», the most recent assigned value is displayed in the overview. Variables of type «text» are also displayed if the variable name contains the word «name» (e.g. «first_name», «lastname», «name»).
  • Device: This column shows you which software the user is using and which browser they used to interact with the chatbot.
  • Files: If a user has uploaded a file, the date on which this was last done is displayed here. If no files have been uploaded, the word "No" is displayed here.
  • User inputs: This column works the same as the files column. If user inputs are made, the date on which this was done is shown here. If none were made, it says «No».
  • Last interaction: Here, you can see when the user last interacted with the chatbot.


Chatbot Sessions

It is possible to view the individual chatbot sessions of a user. To open a chatbot session, you can click on a user ID. After that, you will see a list of the individual sessions of the user:


The same filter options as for the User Sessions are given here. In addition, the following details are displayed:

  • Session start: Here, you can see when each session was started.
  • User inputs: If the user has made user inputs, they are displayed here.
  • Files: Files that a user has uploaded can be downloaded there via the round blue arrow.

Disclaimer: For more information about aiaibot's cookie usage, please see our privacy policy under point 10.

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