The Karussen_icon_Eng.PNGWidget allows to display multiple images with a short description side by side in the chatbot and add links to them. Users can view the individual images and click on the corresponding arrow to display the previous or next image.

To set up a carousel, drag the widget to the desired location in the story. After that, the following overview will open:


Enter the desired carousel name and button text. These will be displayed to the user in the dialog. Also, give the widget a variable name to store the name of the element that a user selects in this variable. If you activate the image mode, only the images are displayed in the carousel, without title or description. However, you can still store a link in each case. If you leave the image mode deactivated, you can add titles and descriptions to your images. This results in a smaller section of the image being shown.

Now you can start adding the individual images of the carousel. To do this, click onBildschirmfoto_2021-03-22_um_11.35.10.png.


Upload the desired image and give the element a title. Optionally, you can add a short description as well as a link text with URL. Once you have made the entries, confirm them by clicking on the Bildschirmfoto_2021-03-22_um_11.51.46.pngcheck mark at the top right. You can add as many elements as you want in the carousel widget. You can change the order of the elements in the overview of the widget at any time. Once you have added all the elements you want, click Speichern_eng.PNG to confirm your entries.

For users, the carousel widget looks like this in the chatbot window:

Bildschirmfoto_2021-03-22_um_12.02.28.png Bildschirmfoto_2021-03-22_um_12.02.58.png Bildschirmfoto_2021-03-22_um_12.03.45.png

You can make even more advanced settings for your carousel by using so-called modifiers, such as setting an image or circle mode or establishing auto-play. You can find more about this here.

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