Classifier template for customer service

This feature is only available in the Enterprise Solution.


In addition to classifiers that you train and create yourself, there are also templates available. These have already been prepared and trained with specific categories and can be used directly by you as required.

Customer service template

The «Customer Service» template includes the following categories, which are classically very common in the customer service environment: 

  • Change of address
  • Complaint
  • Cancellation
  • Delivery status
  • Offer request
  • Invoices
  • Registration/Login
  • Appointment
  • Opening hours

Around 5400 examples were classified with an accuracy of almost 92.44 %. Use this template e.g. in combination with the chatbot widget «AI Intent» for the automatic recognition of the concerns of your chatbot users. 


The respective category of the template can be used filtered and supplemented with own examples.

In the following image, the three categories Address Change, Invoices and Registration/Login were used, while the last category was also enhanced with own examples (439).


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