JSON Connector

The JSON Connector accepts data at a Webhook Endpoint. The Webhook URL will be generated automatically after your JSON Connector has been created. The JSON Connector provides more flexibility when sending data to the Robot. It is a passive Connector and will replace the Web Form connector in the future. 

To create a JSON Connector, go to Robot Connectors. Then click on the Plus at the bottom left and select the Connector from the dropdown list:


After creating the connector you can add new variables which will store the extracted information from the JSON Payload sent to the Webhook by defining a JSON Path Expression.



For example, let's send a person’s information to the aiaibot Robot Module. We will send a webhook event to the generated Webhook URL:


with the following Payload:


  "name": [




  "age": 35



Our JSON Connector with read the names and age information and store them in the defined variables. These variables will be then available in the Robot Workflow for further processing.

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