The FAQ feature offers your users a Q&A in the chatbot dialog when adding the FAQ widget in the Chatbot module. Your users will be able to enter questions in free text form and the AI will match the best answer and show it to the user in the chatbot. The FAQ is an easy and simple way to set up questions and answers for users.

To set up a FAQ for your users, you go to your AI module and click on FAQ. To create a FAQ, click on the symbol on the bottom left side CreateSymbol.png.  You then name your FAQ and decide on a language (German, English, French or Italian).FAQ_creation.png

After doing this, you have two options to create the questions and answers.

  1. Importing a file with the questions and answers with the Import Button
  2. Manually creating them with the Create Q&A Button

1. Importing a File for the Q&A

Before uploading anything, make sure to check the documentation. The following file options are possible to upload via drag & drop:

  • CSV, XLS, XLSX (File size up to 10 MB)


After uploading the file, you have to choose the definitions for the columns in your file. 


For this, you have the following options (Answer, Question, Visibility, URL):


To save and finalise your upload, you can click on the Finish import Button.

After the upload is finished, you will see this screen, where you can further work with the uploaded data:



2. Manually creating a Q&A

For creating a Q&A manually, you first click on thecreation_q_a_button.png -Button. In front of you, the following window will open, where you can add questions and an answer as well as an external URL:



You may also add more than one question with the Add a new question Button. When doing this, make sure your additional questions are about the same topic and all have the same answer. The more questions you add, the more questions the AI has, to match it to the user's text input.

With the Visibility Button, you can then select which questions will be shown to the user in the chatbot dialog. This is especially useful, when a question that your users might ask more often does not look good or is written incorrectly.

Additionally, you can decide to add a URL, which will be shown at the top of the Q&A box in the dialogurl.png.


However, you can also add a URL in the answer box if needed. This might look like this:



3. FAQ preview

While editing the question and answer in the FAQ section of the AI module, you can use the Chatbot Preview button in the top right corner to view it directly in your chatbot design.




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