Configuration of the chat end

After ending a chatbot dialog, you can set how the chatbot should behave. You can specify whether the users should be informed about the end of the conversation or not.

You can find the button for configuration in the Storybuilder on the top left side . By clicking on it, you can directly configure the behavior of the chatbot.

In doing so, you have these three options:


1. Notify

In the conversation, after the conversation ends, the notification will be displayed and the chat can be closed by the user.


2. Notify and close automatically

In the conversation, after ending the conversation, the notification is displayed and then automatically closed. For this, you can set a timer that will expire in the chat until it closes.


If the user scrolls back up the timer will be cancelled and restarted when the user scrolls back to the end of the conversation.


3. Do not notify

With this option, the user will not receive any notification that the conversation has been closed.


End chat

The user also has the option to select at any time whether the conversation with the chatbot should be restarted or the chat should be closed completely.




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