Use aiaibot with the Microsoft Teams app



  • You need to know your MS Azure/Teams Tenant ID in which you want to use the app
  • You need access to the Microsoft Teams admin center in order to allow the app in your organisation


Setup Microsoft Teams

The aiaibot app needs to be allowed, in order for users to install in Teams. 

Go to the following page, search for the aiaibot app and allow the app




Direct link to app configuration:






Customise the Microsoft Teams app

Hit Customize


Customise the app to your needs in the following screen



Install the app in Microsoft Teams


  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams Client
  2. Install the app (


Test the app in Microsoft Teams

  1. Open the app
  2. Write something or react to the welcome message of the bot
  3. The expected behaviour at this point is the following message.




Hand over tenant information

  • When the app has been successfully installed and tested like described above, please hand over your MS Azure/Teams tenant ID in order for aiaibot to configure the integration.


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