Story - Diagram graph

In addition to the usual display in the Chatbot Storybuilder, there is also the option to view the story as a diagram. 

For this, the user can click on the button Storygraph_button.jpgat the bottom left and the dialog will be displayed in the diagram view: 


The starting point of each story diagram is the story in which you connect. In the diagram, all stories that are related are displayed as a large diagram along with all connections.


To provide an overview, the individual boxes are explained in more detail:

Dark blue box

The dark blue box represents the beginning of a story. Since the diagram view can also include several linked stories, such a box can be found at several points.

Blue Box 

The Blue Box is a cutting point in the conversation. Where the user has to choose an option and is influenced the further course of the conversation.

Light blue Box

Indicate the widget which advances a path split.

For example, the Decision widget results in different continuations of the conversation, which are indicated by the blue box.

Green bordered Box

Green bordered boxes indicate a link to another story.

This includes links within the same story. 

White Box

The white boxes indicate the content of the dialog, such as text or when user input is requested from the widget.


Images can also be displayed in this kind of box (using media widget).


The story shown in the diagram can change depending on if a story is in the draft or published version.




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