The widget Bildschirmfoto_2020-12-31_um_13.16.00.png allows chatbot users to upload up to 10 files with a maximum size of 100 MB each. Like all other widgets, it can be placed in the desired location in the story using the drag & drop principle.

The widget has some options that can be set:


The internal name is not displayed to the user and is only used for internal purposes to make it easier to retrieve the uploaded files in the future. For the maximum number of files, it is possible to define how many files the users are allowed to upload. The minimum number is 1, the maximum number is 10 files.

The allowed file types define what kind of file type can be uploaded by the users. Either all types can be allowed or a single or multiple selection can be made. The following formats are accepted in each case:

  • Document: .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .csv, .odt, .ods, .odp, .docx, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx
  • Picture: jpeg, png, gif, svg, xml
  • Video: mp4, quicktime, H264, H265

Specifying the file type enables correct transfer and processing into the Robot module.

Hint: If a dialogue handover via email widget is placed in the story at some point after the file upload widget, the uploaded files will be saved in a link and submitted in the dialog handover.

The display of the file type can also not be displayed in the chatbot. For this you can customize under Modifier_symbol.jpg.

This is how the file upload is presented to users in the chatbot window:

Users can either drag and drop the files directly into the chat window and upload them, or select the files by clicking on the Bildschirmfoto_2020-12-29_um_15.17.47.png plus symbol. Once the files have been uploaded, they can be deleted and replaced again by clicking on the X.


Once the files have been uploaded, they can still be deleted and replaced by clicking on the X. If users decide against uploading a file, they can stop the process by clicking «Cancel» in the lower left corner of the chat window. The story will then continue.


Clicking on the arrow Bildschirmfoto_2020-12-29_um_15.21.57.png will accept the files and display them in the chat history as follows:


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