Go-to target

The Bildschirmfoto_2021-06-03_um_09.10.08.pngwidget is used in combination with the story Link widget or the text widget. In this case, a text links to a go-to destination, these are so-called text links, more about this in this article

The Go-To Target Widget can be inserted at a location in a story that can be linked to via the story link widget. 

To use the Go-to target widget, drag and drop it to the desired location in the dialog. Give the destination a suitable name and confirm your entry by clicking on  Bildschirmfoto_2021-06-03_um_09.27.06.png.


In the story builder, the Go-to target widget will look like this: 


Now drag the story link widget to the location from where you want it to link to the Go-to target widget. To create the link, first select the option Bildschirmfoto_2021-06-03_um_09.35.17.png in the drop-down menu and then select your defined Go-to target. You can also select here that it should link to the beginning of this story. Confirm your entry again by clicking on  Bildschirmfoto_2021-06-03_um_09.27.06.png.


In the story builder, the link will look like this:


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